The most important pharmacokinetic parameter. Determines maintenance dose.
Drug clearance and dose
requirements vary markedly throughout life.
Drug Elimination
The volume into which a drug appears to be distributed. Determines loading dose.
Volume of Distribution
Drug clearance and dose
requirements vary markedly throughout life.
Dosing and age
The time for the concentration of
the drug to halve.
Half life
The route of drug administration influences pharmacokinetics.
Dosing Variations
The fraction of drug that reaches the
systemic circulation after oral ingestion.
Oral availability
The action of the drug on the body.
When drug concentrations exceed the capacity of metabolism.
Saturable Drug Metabolism
Only important in interpreting
measured drug concentrations.
Protein Binding
Acids are ionized in basic media.
Bases are ionized in acidic media.
PH and Pharmacokinetics
Effect of drugs on the pregnancy.
Effect of pregnancy on the drugs.
Drugs in Pregnancy
How one drug affects the concentrations or actions of another.
Drug Interactions
Active transporters can help prevent some drug toxicities and aid uptake of some drugs.
Drug Transport
How genes determine drug concentrations.
Vary your dose regimen for different clinical settings.
Graph Plotter

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